[00:00]BBC news with David Harper
                                                    [00:05]A lawyer for the Russian opposition activist Alexey Navalny says
                                                    [00:13]his client has been moved from a remand centre near Moscow.
                                                    [00:22]And the authorities will not say where he has been sent.
                                                    [00:28]Vadim Kobzev said the prominent Kremlin critic was likely to have been transferred to a prison camp.
                                                    [00:43]Earlier this month, Moscow court converted a suspended sentence received by Mr Navalny into a prison term.
                                                    [00:57]European Union leaders have agreed on a basic coronavirus vaccine passport scheme
                                                    [01:08]to help the tourist industry in the coming summer.
                                                    [01:14]The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said it would take about 3 months to set up such scheme for use at borders and in national healthcare systems.
                                                    [01:33]United Nations Security Council is voting on a plan
                                                    [01:40]to seek an immediate cease fire in armed conflicts to allow Covid-19 vaccines to be delivered.
                                                    [01:53]The resolution which was drafted by Britain calls for a humanitarian pause in fighting
                                                    [02:05]to ensure the safety of medical personnel as they distribute vaccines.
                                                    [02:13]Peru's constitutional court has made a landmark ruling
                                                    [02:21]that a severely disabled woman has the right to end her life when her suffering becomes unbearable.
                                                    [02:34]The judges said that Ana Estrada was entitled to die with dignity and the authorities must respect her wishes.
                                                    [02:47]A dog walker working for Lady Gaga has been shot and two of her French bull dogs have been stolen in a holdup in Los Angeles.
                                                    [03:03]Police say the victim was taken to hospital.
                                                    [03:10]The singer is reported to be offering half a million dollars in reward for the return of her pets Koji and Gustave.
                                                    [03:26]A third animal Miss Asia got away.
                                                    [03:30]That's the latest BBC news
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